Centred on Museum of the Moon, an artwork by Luke Jerram, #skyranMOON is a one-off volunteer-run event taking place 6–16th September 2018 in Stromness Academy theatre, alongside the Orkney International Science Festival 6–12 September 2018. Please share the information on Facebook/skyranMOON

We have lift off!

skyranMOON is open

4-10pm weekdays

10am-7pm weekends

There are some brilliant talks and events during opening times which you may want to attend – or if you just want to see the MOON, you may want to avoid. Please check the events in ‘what’s on’ to make you you come at a time that works for you. If you come when there’s someone speaking and you’d rather not be in the audience, you can sit in the gallery until they’re finished – it’s lovely up there.


Wednesday 12 September
The winner of our seventh MOON lamp raffle is…
not yet known – the ticket is locked in a safe place so we’ll tell you tomorrow.

Tuesday 11 September
The winner of our sixth MOON lamp raffle is…
BLUE 491
by someone named Moon-ey!

Monday 10 September
The winner of our fifth MOON lamp raffle is…
and was collected within hours!

Sunday 9 September
The winner of our fourth MOON lamp raffle is…
Margaret is over the MOON!

Saturday 8 September
The winner of our third MOON lamp raffle is…
We have a name and phone number and will be in touch.

Friday 7 September
The winner of our second MOON lamp raffle is…
There’s no name on the ticker but we have a phone number and will call you tomorrow.

Thursday 6 September
The winner of our first MOON lamp raffle is…
I have your name and number and will be in touch!

What people say about the Museum of the Moon

‘As I came in, my first reaction was Wow!’
Lady from Bristol

‘Will you put the moon back afterwards?’
Rebecca aged 6 from Kendal, UK

‘@lukejerram’s moon is masterful: beautiful, imposing, simple and extraordinary. And such a perfect location.’

‘I think its absolutely beautiful. There’s such a simplicity to the idea, bit its got this amazing imposing nature. And its just exquisitely delivered. I think its a great piece.’
Visitor in Bristol

‘An exciting and uplifting experience’
Man from Bristol

‘The Museum of the Moon is much more than just a demonstration of technical and scientific prowess. It creates a personal connection with the nocturnal sky, heightening the experience of gazing at a “full moon” by generating a sense of nearness. The installation exudes extraordinary gentleness and inspires reflection, contemplation, celebration, and respect.’
Visiting arts curator in Marseille


There are talks and events in the Academy and around the Moon installation during skyranMOON, including Mr Boom the Man in the Moon children’s show, and Classic Album Sundays’ presentation of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon – see what’s on for details.

Young people from Stromness Academy will host the MOON and lead walks through the ‘Solar System’, using the whole town of Stromness as a model – an interactive map is available using the linked image below.


Northlink are generously offering a 30% discount for passengers from Caithness who’d like a day out at the MOON!

You can bring your car – but everything in Stromness is very close, so you don’t really need it.

To get the voucher code to use when booking onto the Hamnavoe, all you have to do is email and say when you’re planning to come and who is coming with you.

TRIPS TO THE MOON for children from the North and South Isles

Information about how to apply for bus vouchers is available here – if you need to know more in the meantime, please contact

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